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Why LifeCare?

LifeCare Hospitals of NorthTexas provides an early Intervention and early mobilization treatment program in a compassionate, healing environment that gives our patients the potential for the best outcome possible. Our staff is dedicated to helping each patient and their families faced with serious medical decisions to choose the most appropriate treatment plan to achieve their recovery goals. We provide award-winning treatment, which is reflected by our exceptional patient outcomes and satisfaction levels. Every patient has a unique recovery journey, and we are passionate about working with patients and families to achieve the patient’s best outcome possible.

What is LifeCare?

LifeCare’s early intervention and early mobilization treatment program was developed in 1992 to address those patients that required a length of stay greater than 5 days in the ICU/Critical care setting. LifeCare provides these patients with additional resources that are not normally provided in traditional hospital settings to enhance the recovery process. At LifeCare our patients have multiple medical issues and physical deconditioning which we treat simultaneously while treating critical care needs. That’s where we become part of your care plan. LifeCare Hospitals offer the same in-depth care you would receive in a traditional hospital, but address all the patients needs Medically, Physically and Mentally.

Will my treatment be covered by Medicare or Insurance?

Part of the admission process includes Medicare and Commercial insurance verification. We encourage you and your family to be as familiar with your coverage and benefits as possible. If you or your family have any questions, our admissions team is available to provide information on your coverage and answer any questions you or your family may have. Our hospitals are Medicare certified, Joint Commission accredited and accept most forms of insurance.

How do I refer a patient to LifeCare?

  • Notify your Case Manager/SocialWorker with your preferred location of a LifeCare facility.
  • Admission Coordinator at LifeCare will assist the referring hospital with your transfer. Upon receiving a referral, our hospital will:
  • Provide a Clinical Liaison to evaluate the patient on the same working day.
  • Communicate with the physician, hospital discharge planner and the insurance case manager.
  • Work toward an efficient transfer to our hospital.
  • We also provide after-hours and weekend assessments for medically appropriate admissions.

How does the admission process work?

Prior to a patient’s admission to LifeCare, one of our clinical liaisons will meet with you, your family and your care coordinator to review your medical history and specific needs. Our admission coordinator will verify medical benefits and obtain authorizations. Upon admission to LifeCare, our care team will work together to ensure that the patient’s medical needs are addressed in the appropriate setting throughout their recovery journey. Your Patient care coordinator may have suggested LifeCare because:

  • The patient needs LifeCare’s early intervention and early mobilization treatment program
  • The patient requires LifeCare’s multidisciplinary team approach.

What does LifeCare's Early Intervention and Early Mobilization Treatment Program mean?

Early Intervention and Early Mobilization has been proven to enhance the patient’s chances for a better than expected outcome. Since 1992 LifeCare has been treating the patient directly from the ICU/Critical Care setting as early as possible and begin therapy care plans within 24 hours of admission. Our full service therapy departments include:

  • Respiratory Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech-Language Pathologists
The duration and frequency of therapy will depend upon the complexity of the patient’s medical needs, their tolerance level, and their physician’s assessment.

Where do patients go when they leave LifeCare?

Our goal is to create a cohesive treatment plan so that the patient can quickly reach their recovery goals and improved quality of life. When you are ready to leave our hospital, you, your family and your LifeCare team will work together to determine the next best level of care. This could include:

  • Returning home
  • Acute rehab hospital
  • Home health
  • Skilled nursing center or sub-acute unit
  • Any necessary outpatient services
  • Assisted living facilities

Where can I review CMS Hospital Pricing Transparency Information?

We provide public viewing of standard hospital charges per the requirement of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services effective January 1. 2021. A final directive was issued by CMS on November 12, 2019 providing a list of required information that must be available on our website for public review. All hospitals are expected to update this information annually or more often as appropriate, to reflect current charges. **The standard charges provided may not accurately reflect what any given individual is likely to pay for a particular service, as this will be dependent upon your insurance coverage and the terms of the insurance plan. It is the responsibility of the patient to address insurance coverage and be aware of any out of pocket expenses associated with his/her treatment. **Various charges may be subject to change throughout the year, without notice and the timing of updates may affect the posted charges on this site. CMS Hospital Pricing Transarency Information

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